A homeless Vietnam War Veteran who died in Brenham will be buried at Prairie Lea Cemetery next week.

Luther Walter Martin Jr. died from cancer Friday in Brenham, where he had been living for the past month.  Martin served his country in Vietnam War, and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army.  He later suffered from the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Washington County Veterans Association is asking for donations to help with the expenses of his burial.  Prairie Lea Cemetery has donated a gravesite for Martin.

Anyone interested in making a donation toward Martin’s burial expenses can make their check out to Washington County Veterans Association.  Checks may be dropped off at Memorial Oaks Chapel at 1306 West Main Street in Brenham.  Memorial Oaks Chapel is in charge of the arrangements, and will announce the date and time of Martin’s funeral at a later date.

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  1. Anyone who’s had the courage to sign the contract of enlistment is a hero in my book. As a veteran myself, suffering from PTSD is no picnic. I may not have known him, but I would like to attend his funeral too. Before he continues to Heaven, I think he would be proud knowing so many people honored and respected his service to our country. R.I.P. Sir!

  2. The Elks Lodge has programs for veterans as well. If there is a need for help in our community please contact, Sheri McCord she is the exalted ruler. She can help.

  3. For the life of me, I cannot understand how any veteran – someone who has given their all and sometimes their limbs, and life in service for this country – could ever be homeless. With so many VA facilities in America – all a veteran should have to do is reach out to one, and there basic needs: shelter, food, clothing – be taken care of. It should be an automatic thing after all we are living in America…”Home of the Free Because of the Brave!

    1. I absolutely agree with you & it’s a real shame that we only “speak” honor but DO NOT DO something to show our respect & gratitude! For one thing that is wrong on this country, is that our young people in schools & colleges are not taught about the real history & the ongoing history of being a soldier today! For instance, my husband & I went to see “Midway” & it was filled with 95% elderly people – very few young. They don’t “get it”!! Shameful.

      1. No way forget the Veterans, they are not what is important!!!!
        Let’s take care of the immigrants that are illegal, let’s make sure they get shelter, and food stamps, oh and free medical care, by the way I do not have health insurance currently myself but let’s give them that opportunity to have it. Because America is very giving, and people from other countries deserve much more than we do. Let’s just give it to everyone else except the people that have fought for this country and people that have sacrificed their arms and legs and even brains, they are not worth it right?

        1. Please leave politics out of this conversation. Your words disrespect the life of this veteran that sacrificed so much for the United States of America.

  4. Thanks to our Veterans Association for taking care of this veterans funeral services. Brenham is a community that appreciates our military and no doubt this need will be filled. One has to wonder if Mr. Martin May have had a healthier and happier life if he had received more benevolence in the form of better healthcare and permanent housing. How many more Mr. Martins are in desperate need of these necessities in Texas? Homeless, sleeping on the streets of cities making do with what they have, only to be moved and stripped of the meager necessities by state officials who take offense at the sight? In this country where we have a record number of millionaires, should we ever have to read the word “homeless veteran” ?

    1. I will tell you there is a “nursing home” in Brookshire that is populated by veterans…one of the places that the VA places those with no family…It is sad to see these men I didn;t find any women there and how they are just waiting to die…..I haven’t found any group that makes an effort to go there even once a year…Think what a difference could be made in these lives to just have someone come and visit once every 3 months…or instead of talking about July 4 or Veterans Day there was hot dogs or hambugers for these folks…but more than anything you can see their hunger for companionship…just someone to sit and spend a few moments someone that sees them as a human being not as a burden.

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