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A large number of Washington County property owners are unhappy with the appraised values of their properties.

According to Chief Appraiser Willy Dilworth, the county has received nearly 2,000 total protests, with over half of those protests filed formally before the May 31st deadline.  Just over 23,000 tax appraisal notices were mailed out in May.



Dilworth said, at its highest, the county has seen around 1,400 formal protests filed.

Due in no small part to the oil activity in the west part of the county, Dilworth said property values have, and will continue to, go up.  Upon notices going out in May, he noted the average homestead in Brenham this year went up around 8 percent in value.

Dilworth added that, while the date to file formal protest has passed, there is still time for property owners to bring their concerns forward before tax rolls are certified.



Dilworth encourages anyone with questions to call or visit the Appraisal District Office, on 1301 Niebuhr Street in Brenham.  He said he tries to work with everyone in hopes that out of the formal protests filed, many can be handled informally, and very few will need to go to the appraisal review board.

Click here to visit the Washington County Appraisal District website.