Thanks to a grant from the Lower County River Authority and the City of Bellville, the Austin County Fair Association will be able to upgrade two AC units at the Convention and Expo Center.

LCRA and the City of Bellville present a check to the Austin County Fair Association.

The grant, totaling $23,370 is part of LCRA’s Community Development Partnership Program, and will replace two of the four AC units with energy efficient, 15 ton units. The upgrade will also feature Wi-Fi thermostats and control wiring.

The press release added that:

At 17,000 square-feet, the Convention and Expo Center is the largest building in Austin and surrounding counties. It’s rented by groups from as far away as Houston and Katy for weddings, fundraisers, school functions and 4-H and FFA groups. The fair association also provides free or discounted facility rental to nonprofits, farm groups and schools. The grant will allow the fair association to continue supporting the community and youth with a comfortable space.

“People from these regions depend on the Austin County Fair Association to provide them with a facility large enough to support their event, and a place that is comfortable for all seasons,” said Kathy Mewis of the Austin County Fair Association. “This is a huge impact on our community because these visitors shop in our local stores, grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations. They stay at the local bed and breakfasts and hotels.”

The air conditioning units that will be replaced are about 20 years old and are costly to operate. The new, high-efficiency units will help the fair association save on electric bills.

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