Maifest is a lot of fun for a lot of people but the celebration also means helping young people in our community.

Every year at the Maifest Serenade, the organization announces a partnership with the Kids Helping Kids Program.  Maifest wants to be part of teaching children how to serve others.

This year’s project is the SMART Program at Faith Mission.  They have collected over $300 for art supplies, since January from young people participating in Maifest this year.  Two of the production groups visited Wal-Mart together to purchase the supplies for this year’s summer SMART Program. The children will also donate packaged snacks at the Maifest practices on Thursday, May first to help the summer program stock their shelves for the kids in our community.

Two words in the Brenham Maifest Mission statement symbolize everything the Maifest stands for:  youth and community.  Maifest has teamed up with Faith Mission, a non-profit organization created to be a clearinghouse for assistance to the homeless and working poor in the county. That’s why they are sponsoring the Kids Helping Kids program Initiative.  Every year homeless youth in our community rely on the school lunch program.  That’s where the Kids Helping Kids program comes into play.  Many young people have nothing to rely on during the summer months.  The young people in the Maifest program learn how to serve others by helping a local organization by collecting supplies and snack to fill the pantries  at Faith Mission.  These supplies help the homeless youth of our community.

Along with the food donations, monetary  donations and corporate sponsorships will be used to help Faith Mission’s SMART Program.  This is the Science, Math, Art Reading Team, which helps the homeless youth and their families in our communities.  During the school year, the SMART Program includes both school year and summer activities.   The program helps anywhere from 20 to 40 elementary school and middle school aged children.  Summer activities incude field trips, summer camp, and interactive reading.

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