Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg says a Fourth of July weekend ‘meltdown’ led to a conviction  for criminal mischief for a 27-year old Brenham man in this week’s session of the 21st district court.

Berg said Patrick Wayne Grant got into a fight with his one-time girlfriend, that led him to cause $3500 worth of damage to her car.  Berg said she then damaged her own car.



Judge Carson Campbell sentenced Grant to four years probation for the incident but he must pay nearly $3500 in restitution.

Berg said there was an unusual theft case before the court in Tuesday’s court session.

Twenty-two year old Melvin Jeffrey III pled guilty to theft up to $20,000.  Berg said people were supposed to get credits on purchases made with pre-paid credit cards, but the customer never got the credits because he collected them for himself. Judge Campbell sentenced Jeffrey to three years deferred adjudication.

A 44-year old Brenham woman who, according to Berg made almost no effort to follow her probation after a six year old drug possession conviction, had that probation revoked.

Berg said Renee Marie Harber was arrested for meth possession in March of 2008.  Berg said she only occasionally checked in with her probation officer but did not do one hour of community service.  Judge Campbell revoked her probation and ordered to a state jail for a year.

A traffic stop in October last year led to a guilty plea for 22-year old Tracy Ellen Gunter.

Law enforcement officers stopped her for a minor equipment violation but she acted very nervous.  The Brenham police department’s K-9 Unit was called to the scene and the drug dog found methamphetamines.  Judge Campbell sentenced Gunter to four years deferred adjudication, but she must also pay $190  in restitution and perform 150 hours of community service.  She also has to attend a drug offender education program and undergo drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment.

There was one more case of a drug conviction coming off a traffic stop during Tuesday’s court session.

Jarrett William Devillier was stopped in November of 2012.  Once again the drug dog found meth. Judge Campbell sentenced him to three years deferred adjudication  and ordered him to pay a thousand dollar fine.


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