The armed robbery suspect that Washington County Sheriff’s deputies arrested in the midnight hours Wednesday, for robbing  Pepe’s Mexican Café in Bryan, has been charged with two more armed robberies.

Deputies, with back up from troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety arrested 26-year old Brandon Wayne Moore on DeWalt Lane in the rural areas of the county, after he contacted a crisis hotline saying he needed his medications.

Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Jay Petrash said after the arrest that Moore was suspected of other robberies and needed to be apprehended.

(Jay Petrash, audio one)



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Moore allegedly robbed Pepe’s on December 19th.  He apparently didn’t stop there.  Probable cause statements say Moore allegedly robbed the Oaks Food Mart on East 29TH Street in Bryan on January fifth.  He asked the cashier for a pack of cigarettes and when he turned around to get them Moore pulled a gun and told him to give him money.  Moore acted very much in the same way he did in the café robbery.  While the clerk was getting the money, Moore reached over and grabbed the cash.

About three hours later, police say Moore walked into Ready to Go on South College Avenue.  This time he asked for Marlboro cigarettes and handed the clerk a $20 bill.  He pulled out his firearm and again, while the clerk was getting the cash he leaned over and grabbed the money out of the register.

Moore has been transferred to the Brazos County jail, charged with three armed robberies.  Moore denied to law enforcement officers that he committed the robberies but one of his companions said he robbed Pepe’s but said he would kill his mother if he told anyone else.

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