Additional COVID-19 vaccines have arrived at the Washington County Expo, and vaccinations will resume on Tuesday.

The City of Brenham and Washington County Office of Emergency Management announced this (Saturday) morning that another 2,000 vaccines have arrived at the Regional Vaccination subHUB.  Vaccinations will begin Tuesday, and will be administered from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Callbacks for appointments have begun for those on the registration list from Monday, January 18th.  The caller ID may display as 800-845-8035.

Three attempts will be made to contact people on the callback list for an appointment.  If they miss a call, they are asked to not call the 800 number back, as there are no agents to receive calls.

Registration forms can be found and printed from  Those without access to a printer can fill a form out upon arrival for their vaccine on Tuesday, or they can pick up a form at the Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library.

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  1. I know this is frustrating to all but I did get a call back (so they are calling back) and am scheduled to get the vaccine on Tuesday. It was longer than 24hours, but once I got the call they were very accommodating and helpful. I guess there is such a large volume with all the counties involved they did not foresee all these problems. I had just decided instead of getting all upset I was just going to wait it out. I still think they should have taken care of Washington County residents first!

  2. Got a call this morning (1/25) after calling for 3 1/2 hours on the 18th. Was able to get through to the recorded message confirming we were on the waiting list and would receive a call in 24 hours. Three days later we received a text confirming our wait list status. We will be vaccinated tomorrow at the Expo grounds.

  3. I called 28 times starting at 8am on Monday, January 18th and just got a busy signal until 12:29 when I got a recording saying that my number had been logged and I would receive a call back within 24 hours. After the 24 hours elapsed with no call, I called the next day, got same recording, and received no call. My husband and I are long-time Washington County residents, well over 65 yrs old, and both have qualifying medical conditions. There has to be a better way to do this.

  4. I called Jan 18 and was told # in que and would get callback in 24 hrs. Did not. On Sat Jan 22 I called early am and told the same thing. My friend then called for the first time and got a callback immediately. I have made 8 tries. It was published that they would be calling those from Jan 18 first. I haven’t received a call but others calling later than me and for first time have been scheduled. Something’s not fair.

    1. I just got a call saying they were to call too but never talked to anyone and like you still waiting. I know someone coming from Houston to get a shot very unfair to me

  5. Registration forms can be found and printed from Those without access to a printer can fill a form out upon arrival for their vaccine on Tuesday, or they can pick up a form at the Nancy Carol Roberts Memorial Library.


    1. Actually, this is NOT a “registration form,” even thought hat is what it says on that link. You will need to fill it out, of course, but it does not “register” you for a vaccination time slot. That can only be done by the call center. They are calling back those people who have dialed in, but were not able to connect. Calling repeatedly can only make it worse, as it likely fills the queue with additional duplicate numbers. Also, many people, such as myself, do not answer calls from numbers I do not recognize, but I am answering all call now, just in case one of those calls is from the call center.

  6. More of the same!
    I’d like to relate my story concerning this subject. As someone who is at significant risk (elderly w/COPD) I endeavored to obtain an appointment for this vaccination last Monday (1-18). I began calling the published 800 number at 8:00 am only to get dead air. My phone actually read line busy however I never heard a busy signal. I continued this for the better part of an hour with the exact same results! Thinking something might be wrong I called the Police non-emergency line and was told to try EMS. Called them only to get a recording stating that for vaxs’ call the same 800#! (Anyone find it odd that no one answers EMS!!) Continued to call…same result! Frustrated I called the Town offices. Attempted to leave a message for Mayor Tate. His voicemail sent me to Town manager James Fisher! At least I got to leave a message! Now after more than 2 hours I called the Banner-Press if only to voice my displeasure! Left a message there also! A short time later I received a callback from the News editor at the Press, Alison Bryce! God bless her! She told me there had been many calls concerning this and that there appeared to be a problem, but there was now an additional local number to call! Hallelujah!…not! Same results, more busys’! Although now an actual busy tone.
    A short while later I got a call from James Fisher (more blessings for him!!). He informed me that the original 800 number had crashed almost immediately. Why? Because the vax line intended for Washington and surrounding counties was actually a state-wide number and it was swamped with calls from all over Texas! All of this for a measly 2000 doses! Needless to say I never got an appointment! Subsequent calls in the following days to the 800# said they would call back within 24hrs. Tried that for 3 days! Still haven’t heard a peep! All in all a disgraceful rollout. How many folks in our county and surrounding ones require this? Just spitballin’, but I guess it’s way beyond the now 4000 total!
    Thanks for nothing!

  7. I am an 85 year old woman who lives in a single family home in Brenham. I am trying to get registered for the covid vaccination. Help me if you can. Thank you.

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