Austin County Sheriff’s deputies report two more cases last week, of their office having to apprehend runaways from the troubled Five Oaks Achievement Center in New Ulm.

Thursday, the Sheriff’s Office was notified that three males had run away from the facility for troubled youths on Pechacek Road.

A Sheriff’s Department spokesperson says their office was not notified until approximately forty-five minutes after the three were discovered missing.

A Regroup Alert was sent out by phone, Text Message and Email to residents within an 8-mile radius of the Achievement Center.

A resident later reported seeing the three near Texas Street in New Ulm.  They were picked up by Deputies and returned to the Center.

The very next day, three female juveniles fled from the Center.

Once again, while units were in the area searching for the runaways, a resident reported seeing them walking on the railroad tracks, heading towards Fayette County.

The three were picked up and released back to the facility.

Earlier this year, a runaway from the Five Oaks Center walked away from the facility, then set fire to a nearby home and watched it burn to the ground, as he sat and waited for authorities.

The Austin County Sheriff’s office reminds residents that are not presently on the Regroup Call list for emergency messages, they can sign up by going to the Austin County Website.  At the bottom of the homepage.  A text and symbol allow you to sign up for the alerts.

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