New information has been released about the death of a 34-year-old Emily Hacker, who was found buried in a shallow grave in Burleson County.

Emily Hacker
(Rockdale Police Dept.)

Probable cause affidavits were unsealed and released Monday afternoon, providing more details on what allegedly happened to Hacker on January 19th.

According to the documents, Hacker was fatally beaten by the four suspects charged in her murder.

Candice Nicole Jones, 29, of Killeen; Ashley Wesson-Zawadzke, 23, of Somerville; John Wayne Stewart, 36, of Somerville; and Edward Brannon Barry, 29, of Caldwell, were all indicted on Friday on capital murder charges.

The fatal beating of Hacker stemmed from an incident on January 19th when she told police during a traffic stop that a gun found in her truck belonged to Candice Jones- a convicted felon.

The affidavit says Jones was determined to retaliate against Hacker for “snitching” on her. Later that day, Hacker, Jones, and two others were in a Rockdale home when the attack happened.

The documents say Jones repeatedly hit Hacker in the face with tools.

Hacker cried for help and Jones called for help- at which time Barry, Stewart, and Zawadzke entered the room and assisted Jones in the attack. Hacker died from the beating.

The documents say Stewart and Barry put Hacker’s body in a bag and all four people cleaned the room.

Stewart then drove the body to a private property near Lyons. The following day, Stewart returned to the location with a friend and set Hacker’s body and evidence on fire.

Stewart was recognized by the owner of the property and was asked to leave.  After that, the property owner found Hacker’s body and called police.

Three of the four suspects were arraigned on Wednesday, but the court did not disclose which ones. Jones and Zawadzke are due back in court on April 5th.

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