Washington County Commissioners with Precinct Four Constable Greg Rolling (center) and Chad Martin of Aspen Midstream (right), with the county's new drug dog, Aspen.

Washington County’s newest member of law enforcement begins his service today (Tuesday).

County Commissioners welcomed a new drug dog, who was donated to the county in August by Aspen Midstream, LLC.  The dog, fittingly named “Aspen”, is a two-year-old yellow Lab.

Precinct Four Constable Greg Rolling said Aspen is completely trained, and added that he is not a “bite dog”.  He said Aspen will be able to be used across the county, and even knows a few commands in Czech.

Chad Martin (center, left) of Aspen Midstream with Washington County Precinct Four Constable Greg Rolling (center, right) and commissioners. The court accepted the donation of a dog kennel from Aspen, for the county's new drug dog, named "Aspen".

At this morning’s meeting, commissioners accepted a donation from Aspen Midstream for a dog kennel.  Chad Martin of Aspen Midstream said the company appreciates the hospitality and generosity shown to them by the Washington County community, and that it looks forward to being a part of the community for a long time.

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  1. I think a drug canine unit is long over due for our county. I am glad to see that this has come to pass finally and all citizens will reap the benefits from this unit.And if the poster above re the roads on Mill Creek can figure out a way to get items donated to fix the roads. I’m pretty sure that the Road and Bridge Dept will be glad to take them off his hands and use them to fix that road.

  2. Instead of a dog, how about AMP fix the roads that their equipment have damaged? Anyone been down Old Mill Creek?

    1. There was no cost involved in receiving this Canine Officer..I would assume his human partner will care for him overnight or when not on duty and we have citizens right here in Washington County that will be happy to pay for his shots and other expenses.

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