A tower crew has been busy this week constructing the new KWHI tower on North Dixie Street in Brenham.  The new tower is being constructed only 12 feet from the old tower and is currently about 140 feet tall.  The tower is expected to reach its full height of 312 feet next week and then the old tower will be dismantled section by section.  The existing tower has been in use since 1976 and is beginning to have some rust issues.  Because the new tower is being constructed so close to the old one, KWHI will be operating on a temporary antenna at reduced power for the safety of the tower crew.

The new KWHI tower will also be home to our new FM channel.  K269GU will duplicate the KWHI audio on 101.7 FM and is expected to be receivable throughout Washington County.  The FM will go on the air when the tower is completed and the final approval from the FCC is received.

Tower crew hoists another section of the new KWHI tower into place Friday afternoon.

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