Residents drop off their recycling at the Brenham Recycling Center on May 29th. May 30th was the last day of operation for the facility, and the property has been unused since.

City officials are still looking into how to utilize the property that formerly held the Brenham Recycling Center.

The property, located at 307 South Market Street, has been unused since the closing of the recycling center in May.  Assistant City Manager of Public Services and Utilities Donald Reese said the city is still working to figure out the best use for the property, but so far, conversations with the city council’s facilities subcommittee have not led to any ideas with particular weight.

Despite this, Reese said he believes a decision on the property’s fate will be made in a few months.



Reese said the steps taken with the property ultimately depend on which direction the city decides to go, whether that be leasing it, selling it, redeveloping it, or other options.  He said whatever path is taken, the property itself has a lot of potential.



Reese said there are several other city-owned properties that are actively being analyzed and discussed, including a “dilapidated” warehouse on Key Street.  He said the city has put out a request for proposals to have the building demolished, and expects that will move forward in the “very near future.”  After demolition, the city will attempt to sell the property.

Another property being addressed is the motor bank by Brenham City Hall, which Reese said has sat vacant and unused for quite some time.  He said the building is in good shape and demolition would cost more than the city would want to pay, but attempts to market it have been unsuccessful thus far.  He said the city would prefer to find a new owner or tenant for the property.

Reese said the city is also looking into a facilities study, but admitted it is in the very early stages and has not yet come to fruition.

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  1. The city manager is planning to sell the property across the street from the city electric department. This needs to be studied from the source of the suggestion and a simple common sense approach. As a taxpayer I thought the city would not need to hire someone to make intelligent decisions.

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