A Brenham steakhouse will be closing its doors this weekend.

Orman’s Steakhouse has announced it will close its location at 2100 Highway 290 East in Brenham, just over a year after it opened on October 17, 2018.

General Manager Scott Hughes said the restaurant had a very loyal following, but ultimately that was not quite enough to save it.  He said the restaurant’s location may have played a factor in its eventual closure.



A notice posted at the door of Orman's Steakhouse for customers.
(courtesy photo)

Hughes said he is grateful for and humbled by the community’s support and loyalty towards the restaurant over the past year.



Orman’s will remain open through Friday before permanently closing on Saturday.

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  1. got to agree a little too pricey for us elderly people needed a senior citizen menu with affordable prices

  2. We will miss Orman’s. The problem had to be location, as the food was excellent. Maybe a billboard on 290 would have helped. Hope their employees are able to find jobs quickly. Pretty rough to suddenly lose your job right before Christmas.

  3. I have eaten there many times and I am saddened that Orman’s is closing. We really need to support our own in the community.Good variety on the menu, good service and reasonable prices. Sorry to see Orman’s go!

  4. We just ate there last night. Scott and the staff are amazing and the steaks were cooked to perfection. If They had advertised more I think they would have been a huge success. So sorry to see them close. Brenham definitely needs more restaurants like Ormans.

  5. Hate to hear this. Great food at reasonable price. Staff was always attentive unlike others in town. Will thoroughly miss Orman’s.

  6. I will miss this place—good food, bad location. I hope the staff doesn’t have trouble finding new jobs. To suddenly be unemployed this time of year, that’s rough.

  7. Had nothing to do with location, as the previous restaurant did well there for years. Problem was that the food was too expensive, especially the lunch menu.

  8. Location wasn’t good but their food was. Some of the best food in Brenham. A shame they didn’t pick a better spot to open.

  9. I’m so sad. It is a great place and the staff are awesome!!!! I love the steaks!!! Best of luck to y’all and God bless.

  10. Scott did a great job of managing, the staff was always helpful and ” Johnny on the spot.”
    I’ll miss this restaurant. Thanks for trying, y’all.

  11. I just moved out of town around the time they were opening so I never got to stop by. I agree that the location isn’t the best. I hate to see any business not be successful. I wish all of them the best of luck in the future.

    1. I’m not sure it was the location. Sealand did great there. We tried it a couple of times but too pricey for our budget! Then went on anniversary and the food was inedible! Wish you well and we will visit Los Cabos.

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