Brenham Police are investigating a confrontation between a parent and a BISD bus driver.

Just before 7:00 a.m. Thursday, Officer Jared Campbell was dispatched to the area of W. Main and North Dixie in reference to a disturbance.

Durham Transportation had reported a disturbance on one of its buses.

Campbell said the driver of the bus said several parents had confronted her when she stopped to pick up children and started a verbal argument. The driver said one of the parents was upset because she thought the driver had shut the door on her son.

One of the parents reportedly held the door open and wouldn’t allow the driver to complete her route.

Campbell arrived at the scene and released the bus so the driver could complete her route.

The investigation continues—no charges have yet been filed.

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  1. Unfortunately, some are not equipped to handle any situation with dignity and class. I’m sure what was probably an innocent issue was taken to the highest degree of inappropriatness in public in front of children.

    The townspeople wonder why we are all in the mess we’re in with the children’s behavior in and out of the school building, we have to, once again, look at the way the children are being raised. Parents behave in a way not fit for humanity. Are we expecting the children of these fine citizens to behave any differently? If so, we need to remove the rose colored glasses and take a long look at reality.

  2. Here we go again parents behaving badly in front of their children. Teaching them this behavior is ok. If the bus driver did this could it have been an accident. I’m not taking up for the driver but in the street confronting the driver was not the place. Need to speak to bus driver’s boss to find out circumstances. Some kids do have a tendency to embellish the truth.

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