Two related people were indicted on unrelated drug delivery charges in this week’s session of the 21st district court grand jury.

Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg said that 47-year old Cynthia Ann Maynard and her 31-year old son, Dustin Mulanax are both facing charges they delivered illegal drugs, after being arrested in April and May.

Dustin Mulanax and his mother were both indicted for drug delivery charges, in unrelated cases.
Dustin Mulanax and his mother were both indicted for drug delivery charges, in unrelated cases.



Officers with the Brenham Police Department’s Fusion Unit arrested Cynthia Maynard at her home on LillIe Lange Road on April 24th, after she allegedly sold methamphetamines to undercover law enforcement officers over a several month period.  \

Maynard’s son, Dustin Mulanax was arrested at the same location  a week later after he had been under surveillance for several months.  He too, was allegedly selling methamphetamines to undercover narcotics officers.  Law enforcement officers surrounded his vehicle  and had their firearms drawn because Mulanax had reportedly told relatives that he was not going back to prison.  Mulanax has a long criminal history dating back to his youth.

Drug cases dominated the 29 indictments handed down this week at the Washington County Courthouse.

Thirty-year old Jessica Lynn Gaskamp is facing four counts of possession of controlled substances in a drug free zone after her arrest in early April.

Reports from the Brenham police department say she was a passenger in a car stopped on East Tom Green for a minor violation.  She was allegedly trying to hide a bag of fast food that aroused the officer’s suspicions. There was allegedly more than just food in the  bag.  Police found a variety of prescription pills, a small amount of marijuana and synthetic marijuana.  The charges were enhanced because she was too close to some schools.

Thirty-four year old Bradley Daniel Burden was arrested in the same incident.  He too was indicted for possession of controlled substances in a drug free zone.  Once at the county jail, jailers found some additional illegal drugs in his possession, so he was also indicted for possession of controlled substances in a correctional facility.

Berg said 20-year old Stephen Douglas Blevins of Houston was arrested during a traffic  stop in January of 2012.  He allegedly had a felony amount of marijuana in his possession and the grand jury indicted him n delivery of marijuana charges.

Berg said two of the indictments were for theft charges that had been enhanced to felonies due to previous convictions.

Fifty-one year old Leonard Rollins was indicted for  theft less than $1500.  Normally this would be a misdemeanor but two previous convictions led to a felony charge.

That was the same case for 73-year old John Braden of Houston.  Braden was arrested for a theft that occurred on May 6th.

Other indictments include a charge against 31-year old Vanessa Martin for forgery and the exploitation of the elderly..

Thirty-one year old Jimmy Campos Martinez was indicted for driving while intoxicated with a child passenger in an incident that happened in February.

The grand jury also released the names of people who had been indicted in previous sessions.  Berg said usually these are people who had not been apprehended.

The most notable of these cases was that of 19-year old Zachary Dwayne Thomas who was charged with sexual assault.


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