Tuesday afternoon rains in Brenham threatened to put a damper on the second day of peaceful protests of the death of George Floyd, but the gathering ended up drawing more crowds than Monday’s event.

Right as cars started to pull into the parking lot on North Park Street by Henderson Park shortly after 5 p.m., dark clouds moved in, bringing with them heavy rains which lasted for about 20 minutes.  Some retreated to their vehicles, but many still stood on the sides of the street and waited for the rain to let up.  Once it did, the gathering grew to far surpass what was seen Monday.

As with Monday’s event, Tuesday’s event remained peaceful and drew people of all ages and ethnic groups.  Crowds held up signs, sang spiritual songs, and prayed together.  Some also brought voter registration information to help people get signed up to vote.  Several cars, including a Blinn College Police Department cruiser, drove by and honked their horns in support.

Among those in attendance Tuesday was Washington County Precinct One Commissioner candidate Shirley Harris-Jackson.  She said change is needed, and it is needed soon.



Also in attendance was Brenham Police Captain Lloyd Powell, who helped pass out bottles of water to the protestors.

Leticia Wills, the organizer of Brenham’s protests Monday and Tuesday, said she is not organizing a gathering today (Wednesday), but added in a Facebook Live video that anyone can put together events in the future, not just her.

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  1. No one mentions the 3 officers killed by rioters. George Floyd’s untimely death is horrible but people need to be made aware of other untimely deaths because of all this outrage. The 4 officers responsible for Mr. Floyd’s death (yes, all 4 are responsible), will be prosecuted. Let’s change things peacefully. Stay home with your families and pray for this country’s leaders and lstate and ocal leaders.

    1. Police officers are Very Important, sad no one has mention much about them. They were out there doing THERE job and never made it home. Love ya Blue!!!!

  2. We hear you all..good job….im with ya…but peacefully..i think brenham can help other cities with our model..we have good, smart proactive police….and i think they care about everyone…

  3. It’s nice to see people stand up for others locally. Hopefully, positive change happens. Please keep in mind that COVID-19 still exists. Wear masks, keep distance, and try to not touch each other’s belongings.

  4. Did anyone else see the rainbow at about 7:00 Tuesday evening? It’s a promise of better after the storm

  5. Why would someone put an angry emoji? This is a peaceful protest protected under our Constitution. Isn’t that what we want?

  6. I welcome peaceful protests…especially for causes like George Floyd. I’m just curious why it was done a week after his horrible murder.

  7. Very awesome job. Everyone coming together. We can come together in peace. No violence just positive protesting.God bless the cause and we know your purpose will be fulfilled. Bless the Floyd family.and Brenham Tx

  8. Thanks to everyone in Brenham, Bryan amd College Station for going about this the right way. Big thanks to those organizing this and representing the Brazos Valley so well!!

  9. “Among those in attendance Tuesday was Washington County Precinct One Commissioner candidate Shirley Harris-Jackson. She said change is needed, and it is needed soon.”

    I truthfully appreciate and agree with the idea of a peaceful protest and give praise to the people of Brenham who peacefully protested, good for you! I do have a question, Ms. Harris-Jackson says a change is needed. What happened to Mr, Floyd was clearly illegal, the man who did this has been arrested and will be prosecuted. Virtually everyone in the US agrees that this was a horrible incident! This was one man committing a crime against another.

    As a Washington county commissioner who is protesting in Washington County, what exactly is the change you seek here and now? You are in a position of power, you can reach out to people of influence, what laws should we change, what systems must be updated. We are all governed by the same laws, we have the same rights, and we all live in the same place. While the peaceful protests like the ones in Brenham are good and may help change the hearts of some people, I want to know what else is being demanded?

    1. Good questions. How many law enforcement agencies do we have in Washington County? Blinn, Brenham, sherriff, constable, DPS.

      What changes will be made? Whats the plan?

      This is our small part of the world. Lets protect it and make it better.

    2. She did not demand changes, she said change is needed. She is running for office for county commissioner of precinct one. And she is well qualified with her 20+ years of purchasing , procurement and budgeting for our U.S. congress. This is experience our commissioners court needs desperately.
      Yes we all are governed by the same laws, but justice is not applied uniformly to all. The officer who committed this murder has been arrested and charged, BUT will he be properly punished according to his crime? Doubtful. And until the killers of innocent citizens by law enforcement are REALLY punished to set examples, this will continue. Equality is definitely not being practiced in any of our justice system levels. We should all demand that it should be.

    3. Equality for ALL is needed. This is what my statement reference. I am running for County Commissioner Precinct one, i have not won as of yet, but this is my goal to accomplish this year. And i am qualified for the position. I grew up in
      Brenham, and sadly some things have not changed since I was a little girl and that was many years ago. So I stick to my original statement things do need to change. And i look forward to the years ahead.

      1. According to the laws of the United States, we are in fact ALL equal under the law. Further, under our countries laws some citizens that are considered to be minority, women, certain religions, people above the age of 40, and many others are granted rights and protections that are not broadly available to everyone so it can be argued that some people in these classifications are treated better under the law that some of us. The simple fact is that in this case Mr. Floyd was under the influence of drugs, was attempting to commit a crime, and the police were called. The police badly handled this situation resulting in what I believe was the murder of Mr. Floyd. The police officer has been arrested and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law allows. Ms. Harris-Jackson states in her reply that “things need to change” and cites some time in the past when Brenham disappointed her. As a candidate for an important office I would like to know what “things” she wants to changes and what “things” will she try to change if elected to office. These are fair questions for anyone seeking a high office in our county.

        I will end by stating that I think hearts and minds in some people need to change, but I question what additional changes are being proposed for government to implement that the rest of us must figure out how to comply with.

      2. What do want to change exactly and how? For the second time.

        I would really like to hear your answer on how to increase equality. I have my own ideas but your’re the one running.

        Demanding change without specific details is a nonstarter. Its just like complaining about something without offering a solution or better yet, just taking some personal initiative and doing something about it without saying a word.

  10. Awesome exhibition of our freedoms permitted by our city leadership. Mass gatherings in Brenham where we work to register voters. Now let’s honor the cause of freedom and human rights by fully opening the city parks, library and basketball courts too!

    1. I applaud the peaceful protest. I applaud change for the better. Brenham does for the most part a good job policing but there is still some work to be done here also. I have encountered some racist antics personally. My first encounter of racism was here in Brenham. A few people doesn’t speak for the whole town though. Respect doesn’t have a color!

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