The Washington County Healthy Living Association is losing $35,000 this fiscal year for their lunch programs. 

Toy Kurtz, the Executive Director of the WCHLA and the Senior Center says their budget for meals is $119,660 and she fears many seniors will see a change of the contents of their meals.  She says that ph that no one will be turned away..  Kurtz says the cuts are due to the federal budget sequester, aimed at saving taxpayer dollars but these cuts will end up costing more because many of the seniors will have to go to much more expensive nursing homes.


Kurtz says some of these seniors are widows of farmers who never paid into social security and depend solely on ‘widows’ benefits of less than $400 a month.  She says they still need to pay utilities, make home repairs and have medical bills.

Kurtz is asking the community of Washington County to ‘pull together’ and support the senior lunch program.  1111111

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