Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak says the scam artists are getting more persuasive, persistent and creative, in finding new ways to rip off unsuspecting victims.

He says his office has been investigating more and more scams lately. Often these scams involve a phone call to an elderly person from a caller saying a family member is custody in a foreign country and they need to come up with a thousand plus dollars to secure their bail or more dire consequences will result.  Sheriff Hanak says people need to be aware of these scams.


Otto Hanak small

Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak says the scam artists are hitting the county with strong persistent phone calls, making potential victims desparate.

Sheriff Hanak says some of the cases his office is handling are several years old.

He said there are other scams to beware of, such as ones involving the IRA and identity theft.

Sheriff Hanak says if you believe you are victim, you should contact a relative, friend or neighbor, or trusted advisor and certainly law enforcement.  If you live within the city limits, contact the Brenham police department, if you live in the county contact the sheriff’s office.  You can also visit the sheriff’s office website at for more information.

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