The Special Election for State Representative of Texas House District 13 is costing counties a lot of money, and at least one County Judge is not happy about it.

The Fayette County Record reports that at a recent County Commissioners meeting, Fayette County Judge Ed Janecka said, “This is costing a lot of money, not only here but in seven different counties.  If you see Mr. Schubert, ask him why the hell he resigned.”  Janecka was referring to former State Representative Leighton Schubert of Caldwell, who abruptly resigned from his position in late January, effective February 4th.  Schubert’s resignation forced Texas Governor Greg Abbott to call for a special election on May 5th to elect someone to finish his term, which ends December 31st.  Schubert had already decided not to run for re-election, just days after filing for the position.

County Elections Administrator Terri Hefner estimates the Special Election will cost Fayette County taxpayers $11,725.  The other counties who are having to fund the Special Election are Washington, Austin, Grimes, Burleson, Colorado and Lavaca counties.

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