The State Bar of Texas is investigating a complaint against retired District Attorney Charles Sebesta from former Brenham death row inmate Anthony Graves.  .

Graves, who spent 18 years in custody, and 14 years on death row, before all charges were dropped against him in October of 2010, has filed a grievance with the State Bar, charging former District Attorney Charles Sebesta with engaging in professional misconduct during his trial.  Graves charges Sebesta with suppressing information from the defense that led to his conviction.

Graves’ attorney Robert Bennett received a letter from the State Bar last week indicating it has accepted the complaint, and, as is routine, was launching an investigation into the matter.

Graves was charged with the 1992 murder of a 45-year old woman, Bobbie Davis, her teen daughter and four of Davis’ grandchildren.  All these victims were found dead in a Somerville home that had been set on fire.  Graves’ co-defendant Robert Earl Carter, originated to investigators that Graves had taken part in the murders.  Carter later recanted that statement, even saying right before his May 2000 execution, that Graves was innoncent.

Although Graves maintained his innocence throughout the trial and imprisonment, the break for Graves did not come until  2006, when the U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals overturned this conviction after concluding critical evidence had been withheld.

A review four years later led to the dismissal of all charges. 

The Chief Disciplinary Counsel of the State Bar has 60 days to investigate the complaint the response from Sebesta.  Sebesta still maintains Graves was guilty.


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