Update @ 5:30 p.m.: Officials with the subHUB have informed KWHI that 3,000 vaccines will be provided on Tuesday, not the originally announced 5,000.  The 3,000 vaccines will be first doses only, as, according to the subHUB, the state announced second dose shipments will be delayed a week due to the weather.  Residents who are registered to receive a vaccine will receive an automated message with this information.

Original Story @ 2:58 p.m.: Another 5,000 vaccine slots are being opened for the Regional Vaccination subHUB at the Washington County Expo.

Healthcare workers prepare to administer a COVID-19 vaccine at the Washington County Expo Center.
(Mark Whitehead)

The slots are being opened for Tuesday, and are for those who are receiving their first dose of the vaccine.  There is no need to re-register for second doses.

To register for Tuesday, visit  Registration is open to any Texas resident in the 1A and 1B vaccination tiers.

Those that received their first dose from January 18-20 will receive their second dose on Monday.  Anyone who received their first dose on January 26th will receive their next dose on Wednesday.

Vaccine shipments are pending due to delays from the weather.

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  1. They were all wonderful. Very caring and patient. I saw people from sheriffs dept. and I guess local national guard since they were in camaflouge. I read it was scott and white and blinn college nursing giving the shots. Even though there was a delay once we got started it went very smoothly. It was fine tuned with dedicated people and I just want to say thank you for your service.

  2. Hats off to the WC SubHUB! I got my first vaccine on Tuesday. The new saferestart system is very efficient; much better than the old one. I registered last week Wednesday and by Sunday I was approved for an appointment on Tuesday! There was a 45 minutes delay but once we entered the process I was in & out in 24 minutes! GOD bless the many volunteers and medical staff for a job well done!

  3. How long – beyond the recommended 28 days between the first snd second shots – can we safely receive the second vaccine? I received my first shot on January 29 and have had my second shot appointment cancelled twice and we are now at day 34 with no second shot scheduled!! Why are the 3000 vaccines going to first shot people???

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