Texas A&M University has announced a change in direction for its beef cattle herd.

The university has made the decision to upgrade with two new breeds: Beefmaster and Red Angus.  Beefmaster Breeders United has been working with university leadership on this project since the fall of 2018.

Officials with Beefmaster Breeders United say the partnership shows that Beefmaster cattle are being recognized for outstanding maternal traits, growth, efficiency and adaptability.

Texas A&M Animal Science Department Head Dr. Cliff Lamb said the university had several reasons to start a herd with Beefmasters, citing about 70 percent of the world’s beef cattle are in tropical or subtropical regions.  He said that is one of the reasons to have a breed that can adapt to those climates.

Dr. Lamb said he and his team want to create the best possible cow herd for teaching, research and demonstrations, and to make the Texas A&M Beef Center a highlight for the Animal Science Department.

For more information about Beefmaster cattle, visit www.beefmasters.org.

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