An early morning text from a young woman to her mother led to two drug arrest Wednesday.

The mother called police when she received a text from her daughter just past five in the morning Wednesday.  The text said that she was scared at what was happening inside a room at a Brenham hotel.

Brenham Police Officer Kevin Mertz came to the scene at the Knight’s Inn in the 200 block of Highway 290 East.  He went to the room where the girl was, and found the door partially open.

Three women were in the room, including the one who texted her mother.

Officer Mertz saw a half smoke marijuana cigar in plain site. That’s when one of the women grabbed her purse and tried to leave.  Officer Mertz stopped her and searched her purse.  He found crystal methamphetamines. Forty-three year old Joanne C. Murski was arrested for possession of controlled substances and marijuana.  Nineteen year old Noel Jade Brianna Watts was arrested for the possession of marijuana.

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