The current health crisis is harming most local businesses.  One group in particular is suffering greatly, and needs our support.  Local restaurants have been forced to close their dining rooms and are trying to survive with only “to go” and delivery orders.  This crisis could not have come at a worse time, as spring normally brings thousands of tourists to the area and into the shops and restaurants.

Washington County is blessed to have an amazing selection of restaurants to choose from.  But unless we support them by ordering food “to go” or for delivery, many may not survive.  Here are some ways you can help.  If there was an evening that you normally take your family out for dinner, then order from your favorite restaurant.  If most of your office staff is used to dining out for lunch, order lunch for the entire office.  Choose a different restaurant each day.  If you have a large office, I guarantee your order will make that restaurant’s day.

Now is a great time to try something new….to try restaurants you’ve never eaten at before.  We used to say Washington County had nothing but Mexican food and hamburgers.  Now you can choose from Italian, French, Chinese, Latin American, Vietnamese, Mexican, American and of course, Texican.  And the State has relaxed the rules to allow restaurants to sell alcohol with a food order to go.  So now you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic drink with your food from your favorite restaurant in the comfort of your own home.

Do not let the fear of catching the coronavirus stop you from ordering food “to go” or for delivery.  Medical experts say there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through food.  Brenham has already had two major downtown restaurants close completely during this crisis.  I implore you to please do your part to support those who have chosen to remain open.  If you have some favorite restaurants, then continue to get your food there.  If we all hole up in our homes during this time, when we finally do emerge there might not be any place to dine out.  And when you do get food to go, please remember to be generous with your tip.

And that’s the way it looks to this Spectator.

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