Thirteen felony convictions ranging from robbery, assault, family violence, and numerous drug offenses meant a 33 year prison sentence for a Brenham man in this week’s session of the 21st district court.

Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg says a Washington County jury convicted 29-year old Marco Antonio Moreno of possession of cocaine in a drug free zone on April 30th.  He said Moreno sold the cocaine to an undercover officer near the Time Well Spent Day Center on Blue Bell Road on July 6th, 2011.

Berg said the charges were enhanced to a first degree felony due to Moreno’s numerous convictions.  He said retired District Court Judge Terry Flenniken followed the adage “When a man shows you who he is, believe him.”


Berg said Moreno had a criminal history that dated back to his days as a juvenile and never could keep up with his probation requirements.

District Court Judge Reva Towslee-Corbett heard the rest of the cases in Tuesday’s court session.

She sentenced 22-year old Keith Justice Clewis of Missouri City in an ongoing scam involving prepaid credit cars sold at Wal Mart.  Clewis worked at Wal-Mart, then ‘sold’ a credit card that could be used anywhere. Clewis never collected the money for Wal-Mart, however.  Berg said in effect Clewis just took $800 out of the cash register and gave it away. Judge Corbett sentenced him to  three years deferred adjudication, a $1000 fine, and he must perform 120 hours of community service. Several others have been recently convicted of similar scams in Washington County.

Berg says there is promise  in one of the defendants who was sentenced in this week’s court session.  Twenty-six year old  David Kent Bergland of Bryan was in a public park after hours when a law enforcement officer approached him.  Bergland admitted to the officer that he was in possession of methamphetamines but he didn’t want to remain in the drug world.  Judge Corbett sentenced him to three years deferred adjudication, ordered him to pay a thousand dollar fine, perform 140 hours of community service, and attend a drug offender education program, along with drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment.

Sara Cantu

Sara Cantu

Berg said 32-year old Sara Cantu was working as a cleaning lady for an elderly woman in Brenham.  Berg said she not only cleaned her house of litter, she cleaned her out of her debit card and used it several times. She also took a fire arm from the woman. Judge Corbett sentenced Cantu to a year in a state jail.

Berg said 51-year old Terry Wayne Gaines of Brenham ‘had some issues’ and had been known to brazen use credit and debit cards that were not his.  He said Gaines tried to use a debit card that was not his at the Brenham Brookshire Brothers Store in October of 2012.  The cashier immediately noticed and Gaines fled the store.  Judge Corbett sentenced Gaines to 357 days in a state jail.

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