Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg says the three guilty pleas in this week’s session of the 21st district court involved the use of excessive force by people in authority of other less able people.

Berg said some questions about the proper amount of discipline over a child led to a reduction of a charge against 33-year old Crystal Province.  Province was charged with slamming her child against a car in an incident in October of 2012.  Berg said the investigation into the incident raised enough questions that the charge was reduced to a misdemeanor.  District Court Judge Carson Campbell ordered Province to serve thirty days in the Washington County Jail.

Two of the defendant’s in Tuesday’s court session were workers at the Brenham State Supported Living Center, who handled incidents with the clients very badly, and violently.

Thirty-four year old Lakesha Telford of Bellville injured a client who she was trying to buckle into a van.  The client was uncooperative so she struck the client with the belt buckle.  Judge Campbell sentenced her to four years deferred adjudication, ordered her to pay a thousand dollar fine and must perform 150 hours of community service.  She must not approach the state supported living center, nor work as a caretaker.

Berg says 21-year old Omius Daeshawn Lacy Smith of Brenham was also working at the state supported living center when he dealt with a client in a violent and illegal manner.  Berg said Smith whipped the client with a towel causing the client harm.

Berg said however, Smith pled guilty to another offense. Smith was one of the many defendants involved in the rash of tire and rim thefts two and three years ago.


Judge Campbell sentenced him to three years deferred adjudication, a $750 fine, and ordered him to have no contact with the state supported living center.  He must also never work as a caretaker and attend Batterer’s  Intervention programs.


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