Some local and area businesses can benefit from some grants from the U.S. Commerce Department’s Economic Development Administration.

The $18.6 million in CARES Act Recovery Assistance grants will provide gap financing to small businesses and entrepreneurs that have been adversely affected by the coronavirus pandemic across Texas.

Among the EDA investments announced are:

  • Brazos Valley Council of Governments in Bryan, will receive a $275,000 grant for coronavirus impacted small businesses in Washington, Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, and Robertson counties.
  • Gulf Coast Economic Development District, will receive a $1.7 million EDA CARES Act Recovery Assistance grant to capitalize and administer an RLF to provide loan to coronavirus impacted small businesses including: Austin, Colorado, Montgomery and Waller counties.
  • CEN-TEX Certified Development Corporation will receive a $550,000 to capitalize and administer an RLF to provide loans to coronavirus impacted small businesses in: Colorado, Burleson, Fayette, Lee and Waller counties.

Governor Greg Abbott says, “This funding will strengthen Texas’ economic recovery efforts as we respond to COVID-19.”

The governor adds, “Small businesses and entrepreneurs across the state are vital to Texas’ economic success, and need all the help they can get as they adapt to the pandemic.”

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  1. So they have $275,000 to give small businesses in Washington, Brazos, Burleson, Grimes, Leon, Madison, and Robertson counties. Considering that there are 2551 businesses with employees in those counties that is $107.80 for each business. That doesn’t even count the businesses with no employees. That won’t even pay utilities for one of the months they were closed down. This isn’t real help, it is nothing more than a political talking point.

    If the government takes something of value from you, you deserve to be compensated. The government closed businesses, taking their sales (livelihood) from them. The businesses deserve some help. Those businesses still have bills they have to pay even if they are shut down. This is destroying small businesses leaving room for the wealthy, giant, multi-national businesses to take over.

  2. I agree with you (working all my life) sounds like we both have been breaking our backs while many others hold out there hand. What has happened to people don’t they have any pride and self respect.Keep taking money from the government and watch your taxes go up and up and up

  3. I’ve been working double time all my life and I am Sick and tired of all of the gov grants and gov handouts. I pay more and more taxes. I take out a loan when I need money to keep a roof over my head and pay it back. I don’t get tax breaks, I don’t get gov grants, I don’t get food stamps, I do t get a free phone, I don’t get subsidized housing, I don’t get free healthcare, I do not claim to be disabled. I do get higher taxes, higher health insurance cost, I do get a smaller paycheck, I do get a bigger gov that accomplishes less. We need a gov with no grants and no handouts. I need to be able to keep what I work for. I need the gov to stop stealing from me. True Americans work and don’t need the freebie handouts.

    1. I hear ya! It’s like you’re punished because you work and make your own money instead of taking the handouts. People who get the government free bee’s think it’s free money. Nothing is Free, especially if it’s from the government.

    2. Yes and no.
      You might be in the wrong business.
      You probably need more deductions.
      If you work hourly, have no dependents, and do not have a small business, then yes, you are getting the shaft.
      Let’s say you do get paid a salary or hourly, you might want to think about opening a small business doing anything.
      It could be a hobby you like, let’s say hunting.
      You could start a small business that caters to hunters, guiding, taxidermy, something.
      You need to branch out and use what is available to advance yourself.
      It is out there.
      Warren Buffett famously said,” find something that makes you money while you are sleeping, or you will need to work everyday until you die.” It goes something like that, but you get the point.
      Work within the system, or it will work you.

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