Anyone with outstanding warrants needs to take care of them today (Friday) because the big warrant round up is coming.

Local law enforcement and some Washington County Courts are giving people with warrants a chance to turn themselves in before a warrant sweep begins(Saturday)  March 1st.  


The Brenham and Burton Municipal Courts along with Justice of the Peace Courts for precinct one and three will be among the 300 law ebnforcement jurisdictions across Texas that will participate in the 2014 Great Texas Warrant Round-up.  These four Washington County jurisdictions will join forces for individuals with outstanding warrants beginning Saturday, March 1st

On March 1st, local law enforcement agencies will aggressively target those defendants with outstanding warrants.  Law enforcement officials warn that arrests  can take place at any location, including  the defendant’s home, school and workplace. 

You do have one last chance, however.  Court officials are encouraging defendants to take advantage of the options available to resolve outstanding warrants.  If you do that you will not be arrested.  There will be no amnesty offered during the roundup.
Notices are being mailed to all defendants with active warrants.  Citizens with warrant should contact  the jurisdictions where they may be wanted. 

You can find out if you have a warrant by contacting the Brenham Municipal Court at 337 7500.  Burton Municipal Court at 289 3400.  Justice of the Peace precinct one at 277 6260 and Precinct three at 277 6200.

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