Washington County Commissioners approved a set of inter-local agreements at their meeting this (Monday) morning.

The court addressed three agreements: one for volunteer fire departments in the area, another with the City of Burton, and a third with the Brazos Valley Council of Governments.

The first agreement calls for additional funding for the fire departments, based on incentives. County Judge John Brieden says they will be rewarded upon meeting certain training and operating requirements.

Brieden said each of the fire departments approved the agreement.  Commissioner Luther Hueske called the agreement “a good step forward”.

The agreement with the City of Burton details an exchange of services for the county’s paramedic station in Burton.  The county is no longer stationed at Burton City Hall, and the agreement states that the city will provide utilities for the new building.  Commissioner Joy Fuchs said the city was “more than willing” to work on the agreement with the county.

The third agreement is a 5-year renewal of the Brazos Valley Wide Area Communications System. The communication and radio system allows officials in and out of Washington County talk with one another digitally.  Commissioner Kirk Hanath said he was glad to see other counties, such as Grimes County, joining the agreement, as it helps reduce costs.

The county also received its 2017 audit report. Lewis Crain, of Rutledge Crain and Company, said the audit was “excellent.”  In the report, Crain noted the county spent $989,000 less than it had budgeted for, and received $569,000 more than anticipated.  He said the only item of concern in the report was the EMS department, but Brieden said that was because the county took money out of the general fund for new facilities.

Commissioners also approved a request for proposals for a new county facility, which will house the road and bridge, rural addressing and environmental services departments.

Sketch of Washington Co. Road and Bride Facility
(courtesy PlanNorth Architectural Co.)

Commissioners revisited the item after tabling it last week, due to questions about the item’s wording on the agenda.  Proposals for the facility, outside Brenham of city limits on Highway 36 North, will be due October 30th at 2 p.m.

Members of the Texas Extension Education Association with Washington Co. Commissioners, after proclaiming October 7-13 to be TEEA week in Washington County.
From left:
Judith Finke, Sharon Stoltz, Edna Schroeder, Daulene Hopman, Chairwoman Kathleen Flick, Michele Daniels, FCH Agent Hannah Krebs

The court also approved a records management program that, according to Fuchs, will identify what elected officials are required to do for all the documents they keep.

Commissioners also approved a set of subdivision variance requests, but denied a right of way permit for J&M Social Riders, saying the application had not been finished. In addition, the court renewed a bond for Al Gomez to become the reserve deputy sheriff.

The court also accepted the County and District Retirement System Plan Assessment, along with renewal of this year’s Texas Association of Counties Workers’ Compensation.

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