Excessive lights and noise will be on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting of the Washington County Commissioners’ Court.

According to County Judge John Durrenberger, there are no laws regarding lights and noise in the county.  Tuesday, the commissioners will discuss a resolution supporting efforts to address local concerns

Also on Tuesday’s agenda, commissioners will discuss a new patrol unit for the Precinct 1 Deputy Constable.  The current unit is over 11 years old and has over 240,000 miles.  The new unit would be a 2020 Chevy Tahoe, which—with trade in—would cost the county about $6,000.

They will also consider an agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for the County Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program.

County Commissioners will meet Tuesday morning at 9:00 at the Washington County Courthouse Annex.

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  1. Unfortunately, we have inconsiderate folks that move into our community….more and more these days. Without regulations/restrictions, they are able to install/erect anything they want on their property without thinking twice or caring about how it affects you. It doesn’t matter how many acres they have or how close to your home they are. Right now, they can do what they want because there is no law against it. The only course of action that you have is to spend your hard earned money in court to try to fight them. Do you want commercial lights pointed at your home? What about a tower with bright blinking lights next door? How about a neighbor who blows train horns? These regulations are needed to protect our peaceful community.

  2. Sounds to me like a politician has a friend that is complaining. That is the same strategy that has been used to have useless stop signs installed in Brenham. It won’t be hard to figure out.

  3. As an investor in several shooting ranges and gun clubs in other counties, these noise controls are great for business. It forces property owners to go to special locations to shoot off their guns. So many rural properties are now sold to people from large cities, they want quiet and these noise ordinances can help, and shooting ranges in most counties are happy to offer an affordable alternative. The county government may want to provide more details about what noise complaints they are seeking to address.

    1. Fine and good until your neighbors decide your business is the problem- noise complaints are the first step, and the next step is a Cease and Desist Order from an attorney threatening to sue over noise and/or an alleged stray round. Those of us who own rural property and pay for the upkeep and taxes do not want to drive to the most remote part of the county and pay $20 for an hour of range time and to have some Fudd range officer hollering about 3 seconds between shots and no steel case ammo! Townsfolk May put up with it but not rural people.

  4. So you can trade in an 11 year old vehicle with 240,000 miles,
    and drive out with a brand new one for $6,000? Is this 2020, or 1980? Did some kind of weird time warp happen that I’m not aware of?

    1. Lance, I’m right there with you! I wanna know the dealership where this transaction is taking place immediately because I’ll trade in my 1980’s truck with 100,000 miles to get a 2020 new vehicle like yesterday!!! If the city thinks we will believe this bull corn then they need to go back to another college and not a&m maybe try ut or how about home schooling these idiots in charge or better yet get a whole new crew before they say you can trade in horses and cows for trolleys and taxi cabs with only $1,000 down (drain) the swamp!!

  5. How about addressing people shooting rifles on lots less tha 1/4 acre
    I had to erect a 8 ft tall metal fence to keep the noise and possible projectiles from coming across my property

  6. Well if this passes, you can kiss the shooting part of your 2nd Amendment rights good bye. The Karens and weekend country occupants are NOT going to tolerate someone enjoying some range time!
    NO brings up a good question: who is behind this?
    This is nothing more than an overreaching solution looking for a problem.

    1. The agenda for Tuesday should give detail what & why the Noise & Light discussion will be on the agenda. If u live in the county most people want quiet…..noise in the City…well its evident its there & will be. Give insight here County judge so the county citizens can decide if they need to attend. Again lack of leadership because its all about reelection. Got news for the leaders People would vote for a Fencepost at this point. Hope update from County before 5 p.m. & noted here for all to see why its on the Agenda.

      1. I do not know the specifics of this request. However, I know there have been recent incidents of neighbors deliberately blaring loud music toward another neighbor’s house…or shining bright lights toward them. We may need some guidelines that law enforcement can enforce in extreme instances. Just my guess.

        1. Noise? Come out on 36S and listen to the pick ups and 18 wheeler. Hot rodders and loud mufflers.

  7. How about some transparency here… a little more detail about noise and lights in the county would go a long way to allow county residents to attend the meeting and voice their concerns before we find ourselves saddled with more regulation that is not necessary in the county.

  8. Does there need to be a resolution on this?
    Is there a problem with light and noise?
    Does anyone else know what this is pertaining to?

    1. Many volunteer ff have more than needed red & blue lights that are blinding. There should be a LIMIT of how many & the brightness. Its obvious the volunteer who owns the vehicle does as he/she pleases. Insuring companies should set a limit of how many are allowed & brightness & that’s IT ! Then that owner needs to be assessed a FINE & must remove the lights beyond what legal limit is. You have the over “zealous” volunteer who wants to BE SEEN & HEARD ! Put a stop to this & dangerous when u are approaching the vehicle its BLINDING .

  9. Excessive lights discussion should start with the ambulances. I understand the need for increased visibility, but those are dangerously blinding. I can’t see at all as they pass at night. One truck in particular is absolutely ridiculous. Cannot understand how it hasnt already caused a crash. The police, fire and other agency’s medic units are perfectly visible without being the same level of hazard.

    1. I completely agree, but would also say that many police and sheriff’s vehicles are so blinding it looks like a UFO has landed. I fully understand officers needing sufficient light to be safe, but these excessively bright lights are a blinding traffic hazard.

  10. Here comes some more government over reach! If the commissioners begin regulating lights and noise on an individual’s own property out in the county, It would be just the beginning. They would then be telling you what kind of home to build or you’ll have to get their permission before erecting structures. They’ll tell you what kind of fences to build and what kind of businesses you can have and where! Wake up people and say NO to more regulations!!! They have no right to dictate what we do on property we own and pay taxes (HIGH TAXES) on. Who is the fancy pants rich boy or old family name person that is complaining? What spurred this discussion?! Just say NO to government over reach!!!!

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