Washington County Commissioners will meet Tuesday to take up further discussion and possible action on a large economic development project potentially coming to the area.

After approving the creation of a tax reinvestment zone for commercial tax phase-in for Corrosion Resistant Alloys, LP at their meeting November 10th, commissioners will consider an agreement for development and tax phase-in for the company.

The estimated value of eligible property improvements for tax phase-in incentives is at least $40 million.  The tax phase-in would apply to 173.1 acres of land at 4300 Highway 290 East, just outside of Brenham city limits.

The company involved with the project, referred to as “Silver Crayon,” is a manufacturer of high grade corrosion-resistant alloy tubes, with a primary market in the upstream oil and gas industry.  It has a global headquarters in Houston.

According to the agreement, the company must create within the first year—and maintain throughout the tax phase-in incentive period of no more than ten years—a minimum of ten jobs at an average salary of $36,000 or higher, including any benefits.  The tax reinvestment zone approved by commissioners November 10th expires in five years, unless further action is taken by them.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the court will consider a proposed 2019-20 Fiscal Year budget amendment to the Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) fund.  This budget amendment would allocate $55,647 to the City of Brenham, $20,000 of which would be awarded to Washington on the Brazos for the 2021 Independence Day Celebration campaign.  Meanwhile, $35,647 would be awarded for a Washington County Tourism Recovery Campaign, as previously approved by the HOT Board.

According to City of Brenham Chief Financial Officer Carolyn Miller, no additional HOT funds need to be disbursed by the county, as the $55,647 is already in the city’s restricted cash balance.

Commissioners will also consider:

  • Advertising for sealed bids for the Washington County EMS hangar facility internal construction completion.
  • Presenting services awards to county employees with five years of service.
  • Accepting the resignation of John Barton, current board chairman of the Washington County Historical Commission, as of December 31st. Commissioners will look to appoint Tom Stevens as board chair for Barton’s 2021-22 term, if Barton’s resignation is accepted.
  • Approval of a letter agreement from Rutledge Crain and Company, PC to provide auditing services to the county for the year ending December 31, 2020.
  • Reallocation of IT machinery and equipment funds for the purchase of disaster recovery software and equipment.
  • Approval of an order affecting representation of indigent defendants in county court, along with the approval of contracts with four attorneys to represent indigent defendants in district court.
  • Formal notice of utility installation for a 12-inch natural gas pipeline by AMP Texas Pipeline, LLC for Old Mill Creek Road, Adamek Road, Indian Creek Road, and Happy Hollow Road in Precinct Four.
  • Formal notice of utility installation for a 12-inch natural gas pipeline by AMP Texas Pipeline, LLC for Helm Road in Precinct Three.
  • A monthly report from Washington County Fairgrounds management.

Commissioners will meet Tuesday morning at 9 a.m. at the Washington County Courthouse Annex.

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  1. What about Salem Road from Hwy 36 south to Rr tracks? The road is aweful and all that’s been done is patching over and over. This road carries truck traffic for Valmont. Take it down to base and start over because the patching doesn’t last… although today when I drove the road they are doing some utility construction?

  2. 10 jobs at $36000 a year is a pretty low bar, dont you think? It costs a LOT to live in this area, whether buying or renting. Thats not even 700 a week before income tax. And you want to award that?

    1. Agree Ms
      Armstrong. Who is or represents SILVER CRAYON ? Full company name needs disclosing….not presented to county taxpayers in a slang or sub name. Per address it is the 173 acres of Texian Ranch….290 East. If that’s incorrect pls. correct me or advise otherwise.

      1. Per the article, the company’s name is Corrosion Resistant Alloys, LP. You can find their website and contact information easily by Googling the name. Also, this is just a news article, not a press release from the County, not the minutes of the meeting, and not internal analysis or correspondence. Any of these things, if they exist, can be obtained with a FOIA request.

        Like others, I am concerned about whether this was a good deal for the taxpayers. But I’m not jumping to conclusions just because I read one news article.

      2. The company is Corrosion Resistant Alloys, LP per the article. You can Google them and find their website and contact info.

    2. They will get a $40 million tax break in return for giving 10 people jobs at $36,000 per year.

  3. The county actually does repair the roads and replace the roads. If you have a specific road that needs to be done you need to talk to your local county commissioner. Or you can call Washington County Road and Bridge and talk to them. The reason why the taxes go up is due to state law. If Washington County does not go by state law they can lose the funding for the school. Further there are hearings that are held during the summer after July 25 it’s open to the public for you to come and say some thing about the tax rates. Sadly there’s usually only one or two people that I go to these meetings. Do not blame the tax office learn your facts.

  4. Code names for projects so tax payers don’t know what is going on until project consideration is in the twelfth hour. Government Eco-Development never operated like this in the past. Is this another City Management improvement with shifting Eco-Development under his direct planning authority?

  5. What about the roads in Washington County they are terrible, I do not see any improvement and are taxes go up year after year and the roads get worse and worse. We’re is are money going to? Will they ever pave gravel roads? If I had known that road conditions were this bad and no improvements I would not have moved to this County.

    1. Mr. Weiman, it is very common for rural county roads in Texas to be paved with gravel. I can’t recall any rural counties with only asphalt or concrete roads. You seem to have been unaware of that when you moved here. Is your ignorance of existing conditions and lack of due diligence your own fault or Washington County’s?

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