Washington County is now at 351 total cases of COVID-19 after 16 new cases were confirmed Friday.

Friday’s confirmed cases include 12 patients from Brenham, three from Chappell Hill, and one from Burton.  The patients include 12 males and four females, including two children under the age of ten and two teenagers.

The county’s active case count now sits at 138, with two patients currently hospitalized.  The county has reported 181 patient recoveries and 32 deaths.

No more active cases of COVID-19 remain at the Brenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (BNRC).  The facility had reported a total of 112 cases, consisting of 87 residents and 25 employees.  Of the facility’s cases, 88 patients recovered, while 24 died from complications with the virus.

As of Friday, the county has performed an estimated 4,148 COVID-19 tests.

For a full list of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county, go online to www.washingtoncountyems.net/covid-19-confirmed-cases.  To visit the JIC website providing COVID-19 information, click here.

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  1. For all you complaining/tattletaling about masks and events and such…..I have a solution, SHUT IT ALL DOWN!! HEB, Walmart, Amazon, Lowe’s, Gas Stations, Fast food, Walgreens, EVERYTHING!! That way no one is out so no one can get!! But you say I need groceries to eat, well I say you’re selfish for putting those workers in jeopardy by working so YOU can get what YOU need!! But I have medicine that I need to survive, well I say you’re selfish for putting those pharmacies at risk so YOU can have what YOU need!! But I have to get supplies to live, well I say you’re selfish for putting “essential” workers in harms way so YOU can have what YOU need!! There are risks with EVERYTHING we do and those businesses that YOU say should not be open NEED that income to survive!! NO ONE is forcing you to go anywhere or do anything so quit dictating to others what they should or shouldn’t be doing. The whole mask debate is ridiculous cause I don’t see ANYONE wearing them correctly ANYWHERE!! I see more people touching their face and putting it on, taking it off, putting it on, taking it off, so what’s the point?? Yes, if and ONLY if worn correctly with PROPER and CONSTANT hand washing does it provides some minimal protection, but not the way the OVERWHELMING majority of people wear them!!

    1. But it makes people feel safe.
      Seems to me we who want the economy to come back are the ones who should be wearing and pushing for others to wear masks. This will get those they are calling “sheep” out spending money. The fact that they are only minimally effective is beside the point.
      Not wearing a mask makes people want to stay home.

      1. Oh please, they are going out and spending money regardless! They just like to point fingers and cry cause it makes them feel good and “safe”. I see and hear leaders preach about wearing masks and help control the spread, but go and do as they please when “off the record”. It’s the same with all these tattletalers and masks, they give you a dirty look for not having one while wearing it WRONG!

  2. What’s the magic number for Washington County to actually stand up and do something about all this? How many of its citizens must be put in harms way or worse before they act? Just wondering

  3. God is good & everything. He does is good. Plague is evil & not good, not of God! Put blame where it belongs –on sin & evil one.

  4. If you think this is a joke, I’d just like to point out that we have 80 cases confirmed for just this month. 22.7% of our cases came this month and we are only 11 days in! If you take out Brenham Nursing and Rehab Center, it’s just enormous! You aren’t losing your freedoms wearing a mask in public, you are helping others. USA in general has handled this pandemic terribly. We have a clear lack in leadership at all levels. It comes down to the people, I moved here in 1998 and never have I felt so ashamed to read the negative comments pertaining to wearing a mask. If you truly feel so American put your fellow American first and wear a mask to protect them. I believe in this community, I believe we are able to do this for the better good.

  5. Wow, we’re at about 80 new cases for the month of July and we’re not even half way through the month yet. Thank you Washington County “law enforcement” for enforcing your opinion instead of what is recommended and ordered by our governor and every sane medical expert. If they don’t believe they’re medically qualified to point out a person having difficulty breathing I’m sure the medical community could host a class for them to explain what that looks like, it’s a pretty obvious thing to point out. With not many people practicing social distancing for the Fourth of July this is a very crucial time to enforce the mask order because if you don’t our numbers will continue to rise. If you knew someone with the virus maybe your opinion would change. Please protect yourself and others and wear a mask.

  6. Each day Texas records record setting numbers of positive coronavirus test results. Texas is #4 in the nation and is almost catching up with Florida. Washington County is not exempt. The only way to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 is to wear a face mask in public and limit exposure to other people; including family members. Common sense seems to be lacking for so many local residents. Otherwise the other unacceptable option will become a reality. A COMPLETE SHUTDOWN! There are those who do want to be told to wear a face mask in public, do not want a stay at home order issued, are against a shutdown of non-essential businesses. Do any of these “bright” folk have an intelligent response to this plague that GOD has allowed to punish & tame the evil in HIS WORLD”?

    1. You are so off base it is comical.
      More testing will result in more positive cases because this virus is easily transmitted, yet not extremely deadly.
      Research the numbers.
      At least half of the deaths in the entire country are coming from nursing homes.
      That is sad, but not unexpected.
      Most of the residents that are unfortunate enough to need to be there are already very vulnerable to any infection, virus, or fall that will take them from this world.
      It is sad, but so is life.
      Everyone else, besides people with compromised immune systems, underlying aliments, will be fine.
      They will survive.
      Most everyone will be fine.
      The more positive cases, without more deaths is a good thing.
      That means this virus is even less lethal, or losing it’s lethality the longer it goes around.
      Has everyone lost thier common sense?
      Has everyone lost their backbone?
      The more uninformed people keep believing everything that they are told on their favorite point of view news show, the more this hysterical nonsense will go on.
      There will be more cases, and more cases every day, because they are testing more and more.
      The real number to watch is death rate.
      Seriously, calm down.
      It will be alright.
      This to shall pass.

      1. JD we are tired of listening to your rants on here which are all the same for every post. Pray someone close to you is not affected by this. It will change your frame of mind. You have the mentality that it hasn’t affected you so you don’t care about anyone else or their families. This is not the flu. No where near the flu. Nope we have not lost our common sense but I feel as if you don’t have any.

        1. You make an excellent point, this is not the flu. It is far less deadly and is easily treated, usually with just time. Yes COVID has resulted in some death which is sad, but nothing compared to the death caused by the flu in our country. I for one applaud JD for consistently speaking our for American freedom and liberty. Someone has to! The trend is that we are finding more cases, but the severity and the death rate are both going down. What could cause that? Could it simply be more testing? How can explain the fact that our hospitals are not overflowing, we are not short of ventilators or medication? Hmm! Maybe as our society builds group immunity, the severity is going down. I am about sick of the mask Nazis, it is getting stupid out there. Just watch how unreasonable and rude people are becoming. Enough people!

          1. How does your comment get approved? You are literally spouting lies. COVID has a higher mortality rate by 3 times!

        2. Dear Ugh. My name is Erick and my mom has this virus. She is past the age of 65 and is doing fine. She has some days that she feels nauseous and other days she is fine. She isn’t laying in a hospital bed somewhere dying like you would want people to believe. So my mind hasn’t changed one bit since this junk started. If anyone is tired of reading people’s post it’s us, the people who are not easily manipulated. So please stop with your “just wear a mask already” and you wear your mask and stay at home while the rest of us will live our lives.

        3. I disagree I rather like them. Considering they are right. I appreciate his view. Keep speaking up JD.

      2. Perhaps we just have a difference of opinion. It’s ok to disagree as long as we don’t become disagreeable. There are no conspiracies and perhaps you are prepared & ready to die. You may; but do not decide for me. Ok? I’ll wear a mask and practice social distancing. It’s the least intelligent people should do to help their community survive this virus.

      3. CDC has the mortality rate of the flu at 2% and COVID-19 at 6% if you look at closed cases it’s hovering around 8% death rate. I for one am immunocompromised. I am in excellent shape and fit. I don’t want to see what this thing can do to me. Have you not seen reports of people dying from complications after COVID? Just because you beat it don’t mean you are 100% healthy. I don’t like to fight with incompetence but you sure do post a lot on here.

        1. “Fix the Numbers”,
          Your information is incorrect .
          The CDC just came out with updated numbers that say 40% of people are asymptomatic.
          The death rate as of now from Covid-19 is .63%.
          As more time goes on, more tests, more positive cases with mild or no symptoms, and a decreasing death rate, that number will go down.
          Most people will be fine.
          If you are concerned, stay away from people, stay home.
          Your misinformation is not helping anybody.

        2. Your CDC mortality rates are completely made up. The best estimate by the CDC was 0.26% mortality from COVID-19. You aren’t even close at 6% or 8%. We don’t need false information being spread to create more irrational fear.

          1. The 6% was taken straight from the CDC website on 7-12-2020. Since then, new information has came to light. Good news! The 8% is still factual. Look at closed cases of COVID and the death rate from that is at 8% right now. I expect it to get lower with more testing. This is the current numbers that were correct at the time of posting my comment. New CDC models have it hovering around .63% as of today. With new information comes a new perspective.

    2. Has any heard the news Brenham PD and the Sheriff’s dept will not be enforcing the mask order.
      Some people will not obey the order unless there is a monetary fine involved. The Gov has issued a mandatory mask order. 1st offense u get get a warning after that a monetary fine.. Keep in mind the various law enforcement agencies r doing what
      they have been told by the COUNTY JUDGE AND MAYOR. I know it will create tons of paperwork. Is the Mayor and Judge wearing masks? Their families? Cases r increasing people wear ur mask for the safety of others. Just know I will not be voting for these people. They work for us and doing this shows how much they care about our health and we’ll being.

    3. The fact that you are saying God is punishing evil in this world with this Corona virus is amazing.
      Do you think that all the unfortunate people who have suffered from this are evil?
      It is nice to know what type of person you truly are with comments like that.
      You should be ashamed of yourself.
      God did not do this.
      Nature did this with the help from the Communist Chinese government.
      At least we now know what a rational, fact based commentator you are.

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