An additional 19 new COVID-19 cases were reported Monday in Washington County, bringing the county’s total case count to 270 and its active count to 81.

All but one of Monday’s new cases were in patients from Brenham, with one from the old Washington area. The patients range in age from their teens to their 70s.  The numbers for patients that are hospitalized, have recovered, or have died are unchanged from Friday’s case report; three patients are currently hospitalized, 158 have recovered, and 31 have died.

Monday’s 19 new cases surpass last Monday’s report of 16 cases as the county’s highest daily increase since April 29th, when 22 positive cases were added.

According to the Washington County Joint Information Center (JIC), the 270 total positive cases—including recovered and deceased patients—make up 0.75 percent of the population within the county.

Numbers at the Brenham Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (BNRC) are also unchanged from Friday; two cases remain active of the 112 positive cases, made up of 87 residents and 25 employees.  Neither of the active cases are hospitalized.  The facility has had 86 patient recoveries and 24 deaths.

The county as of Monday has performed an estimated 3,995 COVID-19 tests, with 223 coming from the BNRC.

The full list of COVID-19 cases in the county can be seen at www.washingtoncountyems.net/covid-19-confirmed-cases.  To visit the JIC website providing COVID-19 information, click here.

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  1. I took the Covid-19 test on May 20 and had not received any results in 2 weeks. So I email them and they send me a link to open and all it said was my link had expired and results have been downloaded already. I sent them another email no response and it is now about to be July.

  2. When are city/county officials going to do what’s right for the community and put a mandatory mask order in place and enforce it? Some of the “officials” claim they “study” data but obviously they don’t, or don’t understand it (except for Dr.Loesch who is the only official has any sense). And, some of the “officials” share false stories (mainly political and racism) on his/her personal Facebook pages.
    You have people in restaurants (including staff) and stores and downtown streets walking around without masks and not social distancing.
    Do you, the officials, not care about your loved ones…young, middle-age, elderly? Obviously not.
    Yes, the economy is hurting, but there will be fewer people supporting businesses when more people are sick, quarantined and dead.
    This virus doesn’t discriminate and has no boundaries…doesn’t matter the color of your skin, your political/religious beliefs, your age, whether you are rich or poor, whether you believe in the data/science or not…the virus is out of control.
    I pray that the elected officials of Brenham/Washington County do the right thing and mandate masks, put stricter guidelines in place, and PLEASE, cancel Hot Tunes/Cool Nights, it’s not worth everyone’s health/life!

  3. I hate to keep repeating myself, but maybe the squeaky wheel will get some grease. CoVid In our county keeps getting worse and our mayor and county judge keep their heads buried in the sand. One way to control our population! Seriously, why don’t they see the need to mandate face masks. Guess they are just too busy to be concerned. If they won’t do it, I suggest the commissioners of the city and county step up and take action.

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