Soon one of the more familiar sites of the holiday season will be out as the Salvation Army bell ringers will be standing by their red kettles and raising money for those in need. The money raised in the Washington County effort all stays in the county as Faith Mission is the local agent for the Salvation Army. Local organizers say this is a critical project and they need all the bell ringers they can find. They hope you will make this a family project or maybe organize your Sunday school classes for a day of bell ringing. The Rev. Randy Wells says you can expect to see the bell ringers in front of the Brenham Wal-Mart for a three week period right before the Christmas season but says young people from Washington County will benefit months from now, when they go to camp. Wells says these young people probably would not have a chance to go to camp or see much of the world beyond Washington Count without this effort. If you want to volunteer Wells suggests you call Faith Mission at 830 1488.

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