A 24 hour manhunt for a suspect in Somerville ended yesterday(Monday) afternoon, when Burleson County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a 20-year old Caldwell man, wanted for the possession of stolen property in Alabama.  Brenham police, Washington County Sheriff’s deputies, the Texas Rangers, troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Parks and Wildlife agents along with the Somervilall took partn the search. 

Adam David Nyman is in the Burleson County Jail for the Alabama theft charge but he may be facing local charges.

The suspect was caught about 3:45 p.m., hiding under a bridge on CR 415. He has been transported to the Burleson County Jail.

DPS troopers say it’s possible the Nyman  could face charges in multiple counties in Texas, as well as those out of state warrants. He’s suspected of breaking into a home in Washington County before the manhunt began.

The hunt began just after 2:30 Sunday afternoon when a State Trooper in Washington County tried to pull over a vehicle believed to be stolen. The driver took off, eventually ditching the car at a store on Highway 36 in Somerville.

Law enforcement officers searched throughout the night.

On Monday morning, the suspect was spotted along Highway 36. Police believe he spent the night in an abandoned structure near the Koppers Plant on the north side of Somerville.

The suspect ran across Highway 36 and into a wooded area.

The Burleson Co. Sheriff's Office brought in a search dog from Brenham. A DPS chopper was also dispatched from Austin.

Somerville residents were placed under lockdown during the manhunt.  The lockdown has since been lifted.

Somerville residents were placed under a lockdown during the manhunt.  The lock down ended after Nyman’s arrest.

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