A Mugshot (booking photo) of a person in no way indicates their guilt or innocence, it only shows that they were arrested and charged with a crime.  Often, charges are dropped or a person is found innocent in a court of law.  KWHI requests a mugshot for every arrest that is reported to us by law enforcement. (except for possession of marijuana under 2 oz. or first time DUI / DWI with no other charges).  Sometimes, the jail facility reports that a person’s mugshot is not available at the time of our request.  If it arrives at a later time, we will attempt to add it to our story.  KWHI will remove the mugshot from our site if requested to do so by the person arrested and if the prosecuting agency confirms that the charges were dropped or that they were found innocent in court of law.  Often, a copy of the photo is saved by various firms on the internet (Google, etc.) and will still be available in searches after we have removed it from our site.  We have no control over this.  If a person wants this photo taken down, they will have to contact the company that is posting it.

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