Two Washington County men face charges after one was arrested on an outstanding warrant and the other tried to interfere with officers trying to serve that warrant.

Wednesday night officers were called out to the 900 block of East Alamo to serve a Brazos County warrant for evading arrest on 25-year old Brandon Jermaine Walker of Brenham.

While Sgt. Carl Wiesepape and Det. Joseph Merkley were trying to place Walker under arrest, another man jumped a chain link fence, yelling at the officers who were trying to make the arrest.

Officers Hunter Andras and Drew Mitchell say that man, identified as 27-year old Jacquay Mable of Washington, was ordered to back away from the scene, which he refused to do.

Police say Mable continued to attempt to distract the officers and after several unsuccessful tries to get him out of the area, he was arrested and charged with interference with public duties.