The city of Brenham saw a fairly significant drop in its sales tax rebates this month, after many months of gains.

The Texas Comptroller’s Office reports that the city is receiving $421,960 for February sales taxes, a decline from the $450,904 received from February of last year, a 6.6 percent decrease.  The city has received $1.45 million in sales tax rebates so far this year and that is a decrease of 1.19 percent.

The city of Burton did a lot better.  Burton will get $2539 in sales tax rebates for February, up from $2053 from this time last year,  a 23 percent increase. 

Washington County saw a decrease in its sales tax rebates from this time last year.

The county is getting $174,695 for February.  The county received $188,061 in February of last year, a 7.1 percent decrease.  The county has received $517,628 so far this year, a 1.5 percent increase.


The sales tax collections and rebates still look healthy for the state.  State Comptroller Susan Combs announced that her office has distributed $553 million in monthly sales tax rebates to the counties and cities of Texas for February.

Combs says sales tax revenues continues to grow and they have increased for 47 consecutive months.  Combs said the state collected $2.2 billion for the month of February, up 5.8 percent from February of last year.

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