The Brenham City Council and the Washington County Commissioners will be meeting in joint session Monday morning at city hall to finally adopt a comprehensive exchange of services that have been under discussion and debate for almost a full year.

The new agreement departs significantly from the previous interlocal agreements between the city and county.  The city of Brenham would take full control of the fire and rescue, the animal shelter, animal control and the Nancy Carol Roberts Library.  Washington County would then take complete control of the EMS, the county jail and emergency dispatch.  The new agreements are set to go into effect on January first, but there will be an 18 month transition period before the county takes full control of dispatch. 

Washington County Judge John Brieden says the County Commissioners have been discussing the exchange of services for almost two years, and says the county needs to make some adjustments during the transition period.

Judge Brieden says the county needed better control of the cost of the services and there is a need to end the duplication of services.  He first brought up the idea at a joint workshop with the Brenham City Council almost a year ago.

Brenham City Manager Terry Roberts says some time will be needed to for the city communications personnel to become county workers.


The joint meeting of the Brenham City Council and the Washington County Commissioners will be 10am Monday at city hall.

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