As of today (Thursday) KWHI’s website has taken on a whole new look.

          KWHI has changed the appearance of its website,,  to a more modern look that also allows for more viewer participation.  It is the first change in the site’s look since it first opened in 1998.

          KWHI President Tom D. Whitehead says the new site has a more “updated” look with new technology.

          Visitors to the site will still be able to listen to live programming on KWHI, including our daily news and sportscast, as well as the Country Store, Rush Limbaugh, Real Country and local Sporting Events.

          The new site will also feature more photographs to be posted on the news and sports pages.

          It also allows for visitor comments on all aspects of KWHI, including the site’s news and sports pages.  All comments will be reviewed, though for slanderous, obscene and inappropriate posts.

          KWHI Chief Engineer Mark Whitehead adds that the new site is also more “mobile-friendly”, with new technology that is compatible for the many mobile devices in use.

          The new site will also allow for the occasional uploading of video clips as well.

          And, as Tom Whitehead points out, the KWHI website remains free of charge to all visitors.


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