The Kings and Queens for the Junior and Senior 124TH Maifest Courts will be announced at the Annual Maifest Serenade Sunday, January, 19th


The Serenade begins at two pm, at the Dr. Bobbie Dietrich Memorial Amphitheater in Hohlt Park.

This year’s Maifest will be  May 2nd, 3rd and 4th.  The Junior Coronation will be Friday, May 2nd and the Senior Coronation will be Saturday, May 3rd.  Both coronations will be at 7pm.

The Maifest Parade for both Courts will at Saturday, May 3rd at 10:30am.

The Festival Grounds will open May 2nd at 6pm and close at midnight.  They will open again on Saturday May 3rd from noon to midnight.  On Sunday May 4th,  the grounds will be open from noon to 6pm.

The Junior Royalty for the 123rd Maifest were Queen Hannah Claire Mertz, daughter of Jennifer and Scot Mertz, with the Court of ‘Under the Big Top.’

The Junior King was Travis Vernon Bartay, the son of Dr. Ron and Lea Bartay.

The Senior Royalty for th 123rd Maifest  was Queen Tatum Westerfeld, daughter of Jon and Amber Westerfeld.  The Senior King was Dallas Gonzales the son of Javier and Daphne Gonzales.  They ruled over the court of ‘Live from New York’.


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