The city of Brenham had a 4 percent decline in sales tax rebates to begin the year.  The city received $464,794 in sales tax rebates from the State Comptroller’s Office for the month of January.  That compares with $484,000 the city received in January of last year.

The city of Burton had a good beginning of the year in sales tax rebates.  The Comptroller’s office  shows there was a 43 percent increase in sales tax rebates for the city.  Burton is getting $2105 in sales tax rebates this month after getting $1469 this time last year.

Washington County also had an increase to begin the year.  The county is receiving $202,141 in sales tax rebates.  That’s up from $196,351 the county received in January of last year.

State Comptroller Susan Combs said the state is returning a total of $574 million to cities and counties this month.  Combs said Wednesday the state collected $2.25 billion, up 3.9 percent this December over last year.  She said consumer spending in retail trade contributed to the latest gain in state sales tax collection.  Combs also said other sectors such as telecommunications also contributed to the monthly growth.  This is the 45 consecutive month that sales tax collections in the state have increased.

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