Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak says his decision to call in a DPS helicopter to get an aerial view of traffic during the Chappell Hill Bluebonnet Festival, far from costing the taxpayers money, will probably end up as a savings in the near future.


Otto Hanak small

Sheriff Otto Hanaksays the decision to call for a DPS Helicopter was his.


Hanak said he been criticized for his decision from people saying the DPS helicopter surveillance was a waste of taxpayer funds.  The Sheriff said it was a ‘great decision’ to help in planning for future major events, such as the Scarecrow Festival in October.  Hanak said he needed to see what the traffic looked like from the sky to be able to pinpoint certain areas particular attention.  The Sheriff said he did not have the necessar peronsnell to to call out for the festival.Hanak said the aerial photos of the traffic backup are being shared with TxDot to see how the traffic signals can be better adjusted  for future events.

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