Washington County Sheriff Otto Hanak reports that yet another ongoing scam that involves “lottery winnings” has surfaced in our county.  Members of the Washington County Sheriff's Office learned that numerous elderly residents have voiced their concerns over a recent mail out from “Liberty Financial Services” (non-existent) suggesting they were the “2nd prize winner in the second category of the USA Mega draw held on January 6, 2014.”   The letter asks the receiver to call a “claim agent” who will then solicit their personal and financial information to commit identity theft, theft and/or fraud.  The letter, shown below, indicates this receiver had won $355,000.00 and included with the letter, was a check in the amount of $4,650.00.  Hanak states that this is a scam and the letter and fake check should be destroyed. According to Sheriff Hanak, the recent mail out appear to had originated in Canada.  Sheriff Hanak also wants to remind our residents that it is practically impossible to catch these type criminals so please do all you can to avoid being one of their victims by ignoring things such as this. 

Lottery Scam-1

Example of the scam letter.

Lottery Scam-2

Example of the scam check.


This report courtesy of the Washington County Sheriff's Office.


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