A 27-year old Brenham man is in custody after he allegedly shot a firearm during an attempted marijuana buy Sunday night.

Brenham police reports say Travis Warren Smith became angry with a man at the intersection of Liberty and North Market at about 8pm Sunday. That led to shots being fired and the arrival of Brenham police. Police say no one was hurt but Smith was arrested for a disturbance. This case remains under investigation.

Brenham police are investigating several cases of the discharge of firearms over the weekend.

A man shot himself Sunday morning. Police reports said he was either cleaning or loading a firearm in the 900 block of Machat when his firearm went off. He was shot in his hand and was treated at the hospital.

Police are investigating an incident discovered Thursday at a Blue Bell Creamery operation in the 800 block of Creamery. Workers discovered a discarded bullet in a tank of flavoring. No one can say when the bullet was discharged.

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