DPS troopers, Fayette County Deputies and officers from the Schulenburg Police Department, apprehended  a 26-year old man last (Monday) night who is suspected in the stabbing death of his wife and two young children in New York City.

Lt. David Beyer of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office says they got word that Alex Jiminez was driving through his county and local law enforcement responded.


Beyer says the children were his and they were one and two years old.

Fayette County Sheriff Keith Korenek the Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Department contracted local troopers and Sheriff’s deputies when they believed  a person of interest in the homicide was traveling on Interstate 10 about 9:30pm. The investigators were ‘pinging’ the suspect’s cell phone to determine his location.

DPS Trooper Greg Trojacek spotted the vehicle near Schulenburg and called in Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputies and officers from the Schulenburg police department to surround the car.

Twenty-six year old Alex Jiminez was taken into custody on an outstanding warrant for minor traffic violations but he was traveling in a vehicle that a vehicle that a national crime database showed to be stolen.

New York City police are en route to La Grange to interrogate the Jiminez.

Trooper Greg Trojacek,. Fayette County Sherriff’s deputy Mark Zimmerman, Schulenburg Police Sgt. Bill Dunsworth and Police Officer Josh Lumsford were all involved in the arrest.

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