Phelicia Marshal, the director of operations for the Washington County Boys and Girls Club, is giving particular attention to the Halloween weather forecast and knows there is an 80 percent chance of rain that day.  She says right now they will still have ‘Trunk of Treat’ but they will move everything indoors if the rain predicted for that day persists. She says then  the children can go door to door, and into the facilities of the Club. 

Trunk or Treat is the way the Washington County Boys and Girls Club offers children as a safe way to celebrate Halloween. 

Executive Director Melissa McCune says they plan to hold ‘Trunk of Treat’, weather permitting, in the parking area right outside of the Club, between Cubs Stadium and the Blue Bell Aquatic Center. She says instead of the youthful ghosts, goblins, fairies and kings, will go trunk to trunk instead of house to house, but still get the abundance of treats.  She says there is even more fun than that.

The Annual Trunk or Treat is from six to eight pm, Halloween Night, tonight. (Thursday).

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