In an unprecedented move, the University Interscholastic League has released the cutoff numbers for the 2014-2016 reclassification and realignment.

Usually, the governing board of Texas High School Athletics doesn’t release the enrollment numbers until after the February realignments have been announced.

The new reclassifications will include the unveiling of the new 6A class.  Most 5A school will move up, with many 4A’s becoming 5A, and so on down.  Six-man football would become the new 1A.

The 6A cutoff is enrollments of 2,100 and above. The new 5A (of which Brenham High School would be a member) is 1,060 to 2,099; 4A, 464 to 1,059; 3A 220 to 464; 2A, 105 to 219; and A, 104 and below.

The 2014-2016 alignments will be released February 3.

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