During today’s (Tuesday) Commissioners Court, County Extension Agent Kara Matheney came before the Commissioners to request a summer intern to assist with the agency’s workload. Noting they’ve had a vacancy in the office since before January, Matheney mentioned the last intern they had was a huge help during the busy summer season.

Matheney added that they cannot pull from the Texas A&M program, and would be looking to bring in a local Washington County student.

Commissioner for Precinct 4 Joy Fuchs remarked on the State hiring freeze that has left the Ext. Office unable to fill their vacancy, and suggested she feels the intern would be a good way to get the help they need. Washington County Judge John Brieden stated the internship would be a good use of the funds left by the vacant position.

Commissioner for Precinct 2 Luther Hueske asked about the previous intern they had, which Matheney confirmed had gone on to become an extension agent herself.

After establishing the start date for the internship would be June 1st, and that it would run no later than August 15th, the court unanimously approved the request.

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