Washington County Commissioners approved an invoice payable to Faith Mission for services provided in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic at their meeting today (Friday).

The invoice, totaling $190,912, relates to Faith Mission’s operation of the Washington County Disaster Service Center in 2020, including the oversight and management of over 100 volunteers.  The county will pull funds from its fund balance to pay the invoice and seek reimbursement from FEMA as a COVID-19 disaster expense.

Emergency Management Coordinator Bryan Ruemke praised Faith Mission’s work in providing aid to residents impacted by the pandemic.



The invoice lists aid such as providing medical services and information, emergency purchasing and delivery of food, assistance with payment of utility bills and rent, assistance with claims for services, reassurance calls, education meetings, help with completion of claim documents, and internet registration assistance.

Operations included weekend and evening services, computer systems, software development, information retention and tracking systems, office space and all related services.

In total, the invoice represents 5,091 hours provided by Faith Mission and Disaster Service Center staff in 2020.

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  1. Didn’t the county receive federal funding for pandemic expenses already? It seems to me that this is where the funds to pay Faith Mission should come from. Or did the county spend all that $$ on EMS projects? It was not clear in the story what the “fund balance” was they would be using.

    1. After reading this article, and the one previous on same subject, I can only deduce that you have not read either entirely. It seems the reimbursement was not for “volunteers,” as you suggest, but for the recruitment, training, and management of those selfless volunteers, and their contribution should not be diminished by your suggestion that they take any part in the “fleecing of America.” In the article above, it says the funds will also reimburse Faith Mission for food purchase, preparation, and delivery for those who worked countless hours at the SubHub, administering vaccines to people from all over the great state of Texas. I don’t know if you realize how expensive that is. And this went on for months. I imagine there was also a huge initial cost to Faith Mission for all the computers, phones, internet and phone service, supplies, IT and networking professional fees, and who knows what else, not to mention the salaries of Faith Mission’s incredible staff. To expect all this expense to be absorbed by a nonprofit organization that has always been there for Washington County citizens in times of crisis is quite unrealistic. I suggest you might volunteer for one of the many programs administered by Faith Mission, and then you could get an idea of how much they do for us. I believe you would come away with a completely different view than you have at the moment. The County Commissioners absolutely did the right thing in reimbursing them. We need Faith Mission to be here for whatever challenge comes next.

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